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Your TPM tools Functions of the ProMISe toolkit

Shift report creation

Shift reporter

Creation of shift reports

version: ProMISe suite  and ProMISe reporter

The creation of digital logs of all notices made by the operators during their watches

Process failure logging

Trouble Shooter

Manual registration

version: ProMISe light

With the help of an innuitive screen an operator reports all properties of a process failure or process downtime.


Automatic detection

version: ProMISe basic

Via the S&S TagToolBox process failure and downtime is added to the S&S downtime and failure database.


Combined registration

version: ProMISe basic

The automatic detection pops-up an alarm which the operator has to confirm and/or edit.

A sorted list of previous applied solutions

Solution Provider

Provide solutions that solve the situation

version: ProMISe solution provider

On registration of a failure ProMISe provides a list with solutions stored in the system by operators that where confronted with this problem. Hence the Solution Provider becomes your trouble shoot knowlegde base.

Invoke corrective actions

Corrective measures

Creation of corrective actions

version: ProMISe suite and ProMISe Action Manager

The creation of corrective actions.

Constructive Feedback to the reporter


Feedback to the operator

version: ProMISe solution provider

The modified registrations including added comments and instructions are reported to the operator, as soon as the operator logs into downtime management information system.

Zoomable Pareto Analyses

Pareto Analyses

Priority reports

version: ProMISe light

This module will guide the user towards the major downtime causing problems over any given period.

Asset reports

Asset Management

version: S&S MIS light

Generates reports about specific objects anywhere in the process (e.g. all bearings)

And many others

Besides the main functions above, ProMISe contains many other functionalities that enables you to optimize ProMISe within your organisation

Among others they are:

Modify installation tree


Manage Shifts


Solution provider management


Correct registrations


Report Search Engine

Cross installation solutions


Event list training module

Personal views


 Manage Preventive measures


 Manage Categories

Manage Corrective actions


Standard reports